Zero Waste Education in Schools a Hit!

May 14, 2017 / Uncategorized

Zero Waste Education in Schools a Hit!


Our Zero Waste Education programme has been provided to schools in the Waikato District since 2007. The programme educates children about the topic of sustainable resource.  This programme consists of different units, each focussing on a specific solution to our waste problem.  This award-winning programme is now offered to over 500 schools nationwide to students in years 1-8 each year.

Since 2011 Xtreme Zero Waste’s Educator Paul Murray (Matua X-Man) has delivered to 172 schools, that’s a total of 1067 classes -25,966 children in the Waikato District.  Xtreme Zero Waste is in the process of rolling this programme out to the Waipa District Schools as well.

The programme has been run in partnership with Para Kore since January 2016, this includes a whole school visual waste audit, professional development for the school’s staff members and support with signage and bins.

X-Man combines Plastic Bag Free Raglan teaching into his Whaingaroa classes!!

The engaged schools are absolutely loving the programmes, see below feedback from some of the schools engaged, and some fantastic photos!

  •  “Fabulous as always, kids loved X Man and got a lot out of the two lessons. A great way to start the year and set up healthy eating practices and litter awareness with a new class.”
  • “Thank you Paul, the children were engaged throughout (as usual!) and your messages really got through to them.  The follow up activities were great and we completed these today with enjoyment while discussing your key points.  We hope to see you again soon.”
  • “As always, Paul was great! The children love him and are hooked right from the first minute.”
  • “X-Man is awesome as always. We loved having him in our class. He has an excellent rapport with the students and is very knowledgeable in this area of learning.”
  • “We love having X Man in our classroom as he is organised, high-energy and very knowledgeable about ZWE. “
  • “We are continuing learning activities that focus on how we can reuse and recycle items to create sculpture are to enhance our environment.
    We are also making a conscious effort to avoid the use of plastic in our learning activities. For example, we are replacing plastic bags used for our sight words with paper envelopes.”
  • “X-Man is engaging and effective in educating our learners! “
  • “X-Man is fabulous! The high level of student engagement during his lessons is fantastic. Since X-Man’s visit, it has been pleasing to hear students from Room 3 reminding others where certain pieces of rubbish should be going (the appropriate bin).”

From X-man

  • What’s happening at School: Big improvement since last visit, especially among staff attitudes and personal practice.  Many came up to me to report on what they had been doing since my last visit, especially in the areas of soft plastics, food waste, reducing lunch waste.  Also, at school, during my week there was the most impressive Litterless Lunch Box competition on the Wednesday – when 90+ kids brought litterless lunches out of 130.
  • PARA KORE WEHEWEHE PARA – WASTE CHECK: The volume of rubbish at this school has decreased significantly from last year’s waste check.  This is a result of various initiatives.  1) getting rid of the paper towel dispensers in the student bathrooms. 2) Setting up a playground waste collection system (see photo).

If you would like to know more about our Zero Waste Education programmes please e-mail in action