Xtreme’s FAQ on Waikato District Council’s “Let’s Talk Rubbish” Council seeking your feedback

December 3, 2014 / Council and government

Xtreme’s FAQ on Waikato District Council’s “Let’s Talk Rubbish” Council seeking your feedback

Council has sent every ratepayer a letter asking for feedback on changes to their services.  They have also sent a letter to residents of Te Uku, Te Mata, and Waitetuna (approx. 300 houses) asking if they are keen on a kerbside collection of pre-paid bags and recyclables.  Feedback is required as part of Councils formal consultation prior to the changes going into the Long Term Plan including next years Annual Plan.  Our community has the opportunity to offer feedback/submissions now on the form supplied with the letter, as well as to the Long Term Plan in April 2015.

Need some more information to help you understand these changes in the context of Whaingaroa and Xtreme Zero Waste? Here’s a Info Sheet and FAQ designed to help you understand your letter and submit your responses.



What are the main changes proposed?

Waikato District has a number of different ways of managing waste due to historic contracts and recent boundary changes. There are 3 quite different systems that WDC wants to change into 1 similar service throughout the Waikato. In brief, WDC wants to establish community recycle centres at Huntly and Te Kauwhata, similar to Raglans, and small rural drop off points feeding these centres. Pre-paid bags (or stickers) will become the system for kerbside waste collection across all Waikato. Kerbside collection of recyclables, with the pre-paid bags, will be extended into rural Waikato. The inorganic collection will be changed to a ring-in service offered to most ratepayers who have a kerbside collection.

Summary of Recommendations

  • We recommend that the pre-paid bag system is extended to cover as much of the District as practical. That the bags are priced at full cost rather than subsidised by the ratepayer and that a half sized bag is offered to encourage waste minimisation.
  • We recommend support for the extension of the rural kerbside collection of pre-paid bags and recyclables.
  • In our view, inorganic collections are inefficient and expensive. We favor drop-off recycle/reuse centres, such as already exists in Raglan.
  • Raglan rates remain at $102.58 to cover costs of kerbside recycling and our recycle centre. We don’t want inorganic collection or subsidisation of district pre-paid bags in our rates. This lower rate should be a reward for Raglan residents for the hard work we have all done to minimise waste in our community.

Read the full Info Sheet and FAQ here