Xtreme Zero Waste announces Cheryl Reynolds as new CEO

July 30, 2018 / Uncategorized

Xtreme Zero Waste announces Cheryl Reynolds as new CEO

Waikato entrepreneur and business leader, Cheryl Reynolds, has been announced as the new transitional CEO at Raglan’s leading community enterprise Xtreme Zero Waste this July.

With Cheryl Reynolds at the helm of the resource recovery centre, the Board and Team are working together on the re-positioning Xtreme Zero Waste to meet the growing demands from the Raglan community and other communities across New Zealand and the South Pacific who are keen to duplicate Xtreme’s success over the past 18 years.

“I am thrilled to be taking on this new challenge as CEO of Xtreme Zero Waste because I love Raglan, I’m proud of Xtreme and the impact it’s had over the past 18 years, and I believe Xtreme’s successful community enterprise model provides an important way forward for the rest of Aotearoa and the world,” says Cheryl.

Reynolds says after having 11 successful ventures under her belt and 15 years’ experience in the New Zealand’s start-up scene, it was a new and exciting phase to connect with the Raglan community, which has been her home since 2003. Reynolds is also co-creating start-up venture number 12, which blends creativity, strategic philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Reynolds says to create both roles within Raglan, in and for the community and more widely for the planet is both exciting and challenging, and the work that Xtreme Zero Waste does is inspiring and she is proud to be part of such an influential and important community enterprise.

“This new role at Xtreme and the development of my new venture complement each other really well. They both aim to support flourishing communities on a thriving planet and also have an opportunity to continue making Raglan a pioneering model for stewardship of our planet,” says Cheryl.

Rick Thorpe, Co-Founder of Xtreme Zero Waste says they are excited by the experience and networks that Cheryl will bring and the new phase of planning, growth and direction and the potential for expanding the innovation and “outside-the-box” thinking that Xtreme is known for.”

“With all the changes taking place with plastics and the growing concerns globally about waste, Xtreme needs to be positioning itself ready for a world without waste.  We believe Cheryl’s experience and networks will take Xtreme to the next level.” says Rick.

Fiona McNabb, Chair of Xtreme Zero Waste says that “The Board are aware of the environmental and climate crises that the planet is facing and feel that Xtreme Zero Waste can and must step up to find ways we can make quantum changes in our thinking about the use of resources and how waste streams are managed. The stage one focus for Cheryl to undertake is to strengthen and re-position the core business before we launch into this new phase of development that we are all very excited about.”

Fiona adds “Cheryl has been a board member for the past year and I am delighted she is becoming the organisation’s first ‘Chief Entrepreneurial Officer’ to guide the organisation through this next round of strategic development.”