Waikato District Council Long Term Plan

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Waikato District Council Long Term Plan

Waikato District is looking at making changes to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill …. User pays rubbish collections across the district incentivizes recycling, composting, buying less, buying products with recyclable packaging, gardening, repairing etc …

Check out the Long Term Plan and make your submission on Waikato District Council’s website, at your nearest council office, or check your postbox. We have had reports of issues with the website, so you can also email your submission to consult@waidc.govt.nz.

Download the following for detailed information on

XZW Recommendations for submissions to WDC Long Term Plan 2015

Council is asking for submissions to the Long Term Plan. We have until Friday 17th April to provide comment. You can do this by filling in the one page tick box submission form that is attached, or on the back page of Councils consultation document that was sent in the mail or found at the Raglan Council Office on Bow Street.


Council are looking for comment on 6 programmes of activities including ‘District wide waste minimisation’.   The changes Council are recommending are described as Option 1 in their consultation document and on their submission form. By ticking Option 1 you will support the rest of the District catch up to the Raglan programme. The changes in services are expected to begin in July 2016. Council needs to hear submissions in support of Option 1 so they can get ready for making the changes in July 2016. Also included in Option 1 is an additional recycle bin to be delivered to all households in Raglan and the possibility of a food waste collection.

In summary tick Option 1 in support of further waste minimisation across the District.


Council is becoming more involved in diverting waste from landfill as are all other NZ Councils. The programme we have in Raglan is becoming standard practice for many of these Councils and within the Waikato Council wishes to improve the waste diversion in all areas besides Raglan. A user pays system for waste (pre-paid bags) will become the standard system. Greater volumes of recycling will be achieved by having 2 bins available for each house and recycle centres developed at Huntly and Te Kauwhata (similar to Raglans) to receive a greater range of products and provide greater community access to resources. As the recycle centres are developed the materials recovered from the inorganic collections will also be available back to the community or recycled.


Download   XZW Recommendations for submissions to WDC Long Term Plan 2015