Update on our Food Waste Collection Service

November 5, 2020 / Uncategorized

Update on our Food Waste Collection Service

Last year in June, our Waikato District Council opted out of supporting the food waste collection service to continue. We asked for your support and the community delivered.Thanks to everyone for their sharing and donations to our Givealittle campaign. We want to acknowledge the Whaingaroa community and significant donors for paying for this past year alongside us at Xtreme Zero Waste. Thank you,so truly awesome!

Fastforward to July 2020 and our Waikato District Council still didn’t want to enter into negotiations with us. XZW has been tightening things up so we could self fund this service, it’s just too important to lose, but it has been a challenge for us at around $10,000 per month going from other areas. Thanks to compost sales, and other XZW activities making sacrifices, we could keep food waste out of landfill and keep this important service going.

Through the amazing work of our Office Team, we have secured some support from Trust Waikato (Thank you!) to pay for the service from now until July 2021. Trust Waikato has provided this as an impact grant as they realise the significance of reducing waste and emissions and the model Raglan Community is providing.

On a national scale we were leading into this space of food waste collection and are proud to see so many regions and cities turning their attention to this important waste stream. If you work over the divvy or have whanau in Hamilton City you might have already seen their services. While many other councils and cities roll out food waste collection programmes, and we welcome visitors to come and learn about what we’ve been doing here, unfortunately Waikato District Council have once again cleared food waste conversations off the table. There will be a further opportunity through the District Waste Management and Minimisation Plan that is currently being reviewed. Review of the Plan will be a further opportunity for our community to have their say.

So for now we want to celebrate and thank you for your support over the past year, for the food waste campaign,and supporting all of Xtreme’s activities of reducing, reusing and recycling. As of July 2021 we have no more funding.

Xtreme can’t continue at this point to fund the food waste collection. We have done our best, and we are so grateful for the support. Thank you Raglan! If you want to raise this issue with Council please be aware that our Councillor, Lisa Thompson, has been very supportive and that the decision has been made further up the food chain.

Kia ora for your support Raglan ~ from all of us at Xtreme Zero Waste