2014 to Now

September 14, 2014 /

2014 to Now

  • Zero Waste Education.

This highly successful programme is offered to every school in the Waikato district. Xtreme Waste has visited 210 schools (some repeatedly), delivered over 1,400 classes to over 35,000 students.

  • Restoration

Xtreme Waste has planted over 6,000 trees and the programme set up to reduce possums rats, stoats, ferrets and cats on the Raglan Recycling Centre and Refuse Transfer site, has killed over 120 to date. The forest is an important bird habitat but is compromised by the history of waste disposal (largely weeds and animal pests). Xtreme Waste also works with WDC and WRC to control noxious plants throughout the adjoining forest areas.

  • Community Mentoring

We have provided advice to 46 community groups on setting up recycling and waste minimization ventures. We supported the establishment of Wanaka Waste Busters, Arapuni Rural Recycling Centre, Seagull Reuse Centre in Thames and more recently a network of groups in Auckland City.

  • Community workshops on zero waste topics

These include a range of topics such as reusable nappies, composting, women’s woodwork, worm farming and gardening.

For more information on each year, you can download the Annual Reports from the Reports and Financial page.