Te Mata Drop Off Closure

April 22, 2022 / Uncategorized

Te Mata Drop Off Closure

Kia ora Rural Residents,

We recently closed down the Te Mata pre-paid bag drop off site. We had to do this quickly due to the site becoming a health hazard – rats at the site and infesting neighbouring properties and due to the large and ongoing amounts of illegal dumping (over 1000m3 in the last 6months).

  • Additional containment has been placed at Te Uku to manage additional pre-paid bags dropped there.
  • The Te Uku site is emptied Monday and Friday (and more if needed).
  • The Te Uku site is currently having specialised containment made for pre-paid bag collection with lids, and closable holes to reduce rodent attacks and security cameras installed.

Te Uku will also soon have a new 40ft container for recycling collection, placed on a concrete pad and within a fenced area.

Te Mata drop off site will be cleaned,  and a load of gravel added. Signage is arriving shortly.

The wider Raglan region has access to one of the best and biggest resource recovery centres in the country. At Xtreme we offer the opportunity to divert 80% of what would go to landfill (saving you $$ on pre-paid bags or drop off charges). So come on up to site with your drop off items and see what else you could find to reuse. We have folks coming here from as far as Huntly because of opportunity to divert “waste” into the wood yard, metal yard, organics yard, or kahu’s nest. So we encourage everyone to make the most of what’s available here in your local community.

~ Kia ora!