Support the Food Waste Service.

March 6, 2022 / Uncategorized

Support the Food Waste Service.

Our food waste collection service is up for consultation again with Waikato District Council and we’re asking again for your support to continue this important service.

Whether you use this service every week, partly alongside home composts, or not at all, folks will know that this service helps many in our community to divert their natural food waste scraps from landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With this service we can take this nutrients and make compost for growing more gardens and kai in. This circular economy makes sense, is so good for our global emissions, and our local community.

What’s more, if food waste is removed out of pre-paid bags, then bags can wait longer before they go out to kerb without smells and rubbish juice seeping out, and not as many need to be purchased. Saving every household a lot of $ over the year.

We hope you can give feedback to support this service for the Raglan community. Your opinions matter in guiding Waikato District Council on their decisions for a targeted rate and the continuation of this service.

To find out more info and to have your say about it, check this link here.

You can listen in to Organics manager Liz Stanway and Local Counsellor Lisa Thompson on Raglan Community Radio interview here.

Kia ora Raglan. Thanks for working together towards zero waste.