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Skip Bins

Skip bins

Hire an xtreme zero waste skip bin

If you are cleaning out your business, house, or garden, hiring a skip bin is a convenient way to move your waste offsite. With the option of either Landfill or Green Waste skip bins, and with a range of sizes from 2.5 – 4.5 m3, our bins can cater to a range of jobs.

This service is perfect for folks without a tow bar or trailer, or anyone looking to make their job easier.And by converting that waste to a resource (Like green waste into mulch), we can support a circular economy and a sustainable community.

Best practice for skip bins service: Look for good weather, sort your load (remove any recyclable or reusable items), put any reusable items on the top. Pack it in tight. NO concrete, tyres, dirt, asbestos, hazardous waste, e-waste, or large appliances and ONLY green waste in a green waste hire bin.

We can only deliver skips onto gravel or concreted flat areas and with any dogs contained inside or tied up. Drivers will assess your property for a safe drop off and we will contact you if we are unable to deliver. 

green waste skip bin

Landfill skip bin

Book a skip bin for seven days delivered to your door.

We accept items destined for landfill, but encourage you to donate reusables and recycle all recyclables first. We do not accept concrete, tyres, dirt, asbestos, hazardous waste or e-waste in our skip bins. 

min skip bin

Green Waste SKIP bin

Book a green waste bin for seven days delivered to your door.

We accept all greenwaste except for Bamboo, Gorse, Flax and Pampas with roots. Tree stumps are counted as cleanfill not greenwaste, please do not include these in your greenwaste container. DO NOT include any landfill items.