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Services for our community

Xtreme Zero Waste provides a range of services to help our community reduce our collective waste to landfill. Some are Xtreme Zero Waste services and some are delivered as part of our Waikato District Council contract.

Business collection

Xtreme Waste tailors recycling and waste collection services to suit each individual business including; container type, collection day and regularity of collection.

This service is available to all businesses Monday to Friday

What Can Businesses Recycle?

  • Green, Clear and Brown Glass (separation not required).
  • Aluminium and Tin Cans (squashed if possible).
  • Paper and Cardboard (separated please).
  • Plastic Containers numbers 1,2,5
  • Clear film: Like bubble Wrap, or clear soft plastic.

We do not collect food scraps, but many businesses have agreements with local pig farmers to collect food scraps.

RECYCLING PICK UP CHARGESas at 1st july 2023
  • Fadge for Cardboard, $14.00
  • Wheelie Bin (240L) for Paper, Glass, Cans, : $12.40
  • Wheelie Bin (240L) for Plastic: $13.25

all prices exclude GST

LANDFILL PICK UP CHARGES as at 1st July 2023
  • Rubbish Bag (non blue prepaid bag): $8.25
  • Wheelie Bin $26.00

all prices exclude GST.


We provide collections for the schools local to the Raglan Area. For information on this contact us.

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Waste audits image
Waste audits.

We can help you identify what’s in your waste and what doesn’t need to be in there! We work together with businesses, organisations, schools and families, to help find out what can be reduced, reused, recycled or composted. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on your groups’ collective impact heading to landfill, to learn about alternatives, and improve waste (and purchasing) systems in your home or workplace.

Waste audits are beneficial in many ways not only for reducing your group’s impact on the environment, but also saving $$$, enhancing your organisation’s brand and reputation, and lifting team morale as your whanau works together for the great good.


Just like your event is special and unique, we can tailor event waste services specific for you. In addition to raising a positive event image, you can make a real difference in waste to landfill!

Reusable service ware

Before thinking about event waste, we invite smaller events to consider reusable serviceware. Washing and reusing cups, plates, cutlery and napkins we can ensure your event is truly zero waste (and adds a bit more fun and connection over the teatowels).

We have a kit of decorations and crockery for hire. Get in touch with our zero waste party goer department.

  • Events stations $100 – Includes 3 wheelie bins
  • Organics, Recycling, Landfill (240L each)
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Construction & Demolition

Construction and demolition waste makes up to 50% of New Zealand’s total waste going to landfill, on average 90% of this material could be recycled. Each home constructed generates an average of four tonnes of waste. XZW is conducting a research project around construction and demolition waste in Whāingaroa, with funding support from Waikato Regional Council and Rangatahi Limited.

By making better decisions around materials when designing houses we can reduce the waste produced, and the waste that we do have can be sorted into sometimes valuable resources for our community.

Many of the awesome tradies in Raglan’s community are already sorting their waste and bringing it up to our site – we have loved checking out what systems they have already put in place on their sites.

We would love any suggestions you have for reducing and reusing construction waste, please contact: emma@xtremezerowaste.org.nz