Recycling Plastics #1 #2 #5 ONLY

December 1, 2020 / Uncategorized

Recycling Plastics #1 #2 #5 ONLY

We have some big changes for our recycling services Whaingaroa…

It’s time the entire country leveled up. Aotearoa is standardizing recycling services right across the motu! Wow that’s big! This means we are joining the rest of our nation and from Tuesday 15th December WE WILL ONLY BE COLLECTING PLASTICS #1 #2 and #5 + clear film soft plastics.

Plastic containers have a recycling triangle indented on the base with a number inside it. This is the grade of the plastic. #1’s for example are clear and thin plastics most easy to recycle. #2’s are thicker plastic, different colours, a different sort of plastic. Grades go to #7 very hard to recycle plastic. Grab your containers, flip them over, look and feel for that triangle pressed into the plastic (NOT the triangle on the brand label) to find out if it can be recycled.

We’ve tried our best, but the reality is, there is no market to recycle containers #3 #4 #6 #7. So if you buy anything with these numbers, they have to be disposed of into pre-paid bags / landfill. All the more motivation for us to choose good packaging (or no packaging) when we’re buying things, right?

So in 2 weeks time, starting Tuesday 15th December our collections team will only be collecting plastics #1 #2 #5 + clear film soft plastics from recycling crates, rural seafreight containers, our onsite collection bay, and business collections.

!! Our collections of glass, metals, paper and card remain unchanged, so keep washing and squashing and putting these out please. !!

Glass needs to still be put out in a seperate crate to the mixed recycling.

Thanks Raglan for all that you do working with us towards Zero Waste.