Lids Collection

July 28, 2020 / Uncategorized

Lids Collection

We don’t want any lids littering our environment. We don’t want this reusable, recyclable resource to go to landfill either.

Plastic lids are usually thicker than their “plastic container body” and have different chemicals in them to make them sturdy, coloured, and seal tight closed. Which often makes them a different grade than the container that they’re closing.

In the recycling journey, when things get squished, baled, and crated everywhere the lids can ping off, or drop and litter about the place. Plus, once again, as they’re often not the same grade plastic as the containers/bottles they can contaminate a whole bale of clear #1 or clear #2 plastic sent off to market.

We have a grey wheelie bin up at Xtreme’s recycling bay to collect plastic lids. Please keep collecting clean lids into a container or jar and bring them up on your next visit.

Metal lids on tin and aluminium cans can be popped inside before you squash them. They’re the same metal as their matching “container body” and can be melted down with them.

Lids also makes great googly eyes, noses or buttons in DIY crafts. So there might be other groups in our community that could enjoy reusing them.

If you can’t get out to us, Whāingaroa Environment Centre at the town hall are happy to accept CLEAN plastic lids, metal bottle tops, and bread tags (to go to NZ Bread Tags for Wheelchairs) during their open hours.