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What day is your kerbside collection?

Kerbside Collection Days are 4 days per week: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Recycling crates, food waste containment, and prepaid rubbish bags should be placed on kerbside by 8.00 am.

Use the search bar below by typing in your street name. It will find your kerbside collection day so you can be prepared when it’s your turn. Or use the interactive map below to see your location by day.

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Xtreme Zero Collection Days

Xtreme Zero Collection Days
Kākāriki zone, collected on Tuesday Māwhero zone, collected on Wednesday Māwhero zone, collected on Wednesday Karaka zone, collected on Thursday Kōwhai zone, collected on Friday

Kākāriki zone, collected on Tuesday

Kākāriki zone, collected on Tuesday

Māwhero zone, collected on Wednesday

Māwhero zone, collected on Wednesday

Karaka zone, collected on Thursday

Kōwhai zone, collected on Friday

kerbside resources xtreme zero

Get Your Bins Right

A complete kerbside collection kit for your whare includes 2 recycling crates, a food waste container and kitchen caddy, and if you’re landfilling, using either a blue or green pre-paid landfill bag. If you’re building a new home you can get your recycling crates and food waste containment from the council building / library in town. We have 3 trucks that come around to service the kerbside collection and each crew collects different items for their truck. So if you see a truck come by and there’s something left behind, kei te pai!


Use the official green recycling crates only for kerbside recycling. Max 2 crates per household. 1 crate is for glass, 1 crate is for mixed items: Plastics #1, #2, #5 + clear film soft plastics, Aluminium and Tin cans. Cardboard and Clean Paper please stack on the side in a pile no bigger than the size of a recycling crate. Write your address on your crate/s to save them going walking.


Prepaid blue or green bags can be purchased from local retail outlets. Please put bags out to kerb away from bushes, or vehicles if you can. Think about the whanau collecting, and keep bags hazard free: Wrap broken glass, and dispose of any medical equipment (needles etc) at Raglan Medical. Maximum weight of bags is 15kg.

Food Waste

Every week put your green bin on the kerbside with the handle in a locked position. Food waste inside must be bagged in our Xtreme Zero Waste starch bags, not loose. More food waste bags are available by popping a note in your kerbside bin asking for more, or at Kāhu’s Nest.

*Everyone can come on up to our site to drop off any household recycling and prepaid bags, for free.


glass recycling infographic

One of your green crates is for glass jars and bottles with lids removed.

Plastic recycling raglan
Put your plastics #1, #2, #5 + clear film soft plastics, Aluminium and Tin cans in your second crate.
Green wast recycling - what to add
Always use our Xtreme cornstarch bags, and add in any unavoidable food scraps, egg shells, dairy products, bread, bones, raw meat, cooked meat, rice, veggie scraps, coffee grinds, pasta and meal left overs into your food waste bin
squashed cans for recycling

Squash your can before adding to your recycling bin!

flattened cardboard for recycling

Flatten you cardboard and tie or contain so it doesn’t blow away. 

wrap broken glass

Wrap broken glass in a thick layer of paper and place it in the middle of your prepaid rubbish bag.


Recycling Practice Xtreme Zero Waste

Don’t put broken glass, windows, or drinking glasses (or your reading glasses) in the glass crate. 

dirty container recycling
Don’t put dirty containers in your recycling bins. Wash and squash all your recycling.
Green Bins infographic - do not add
Don’t add cooking oil / liquid food, fish, plastic packaging, fruit stickers, cigarette buts, garden waste, tissues / sanitary items or bread tags into your food waste bin.
Rubbish bag maximum weight illustration

Don’t fill rubbish bags above their maximum weight of 15kgs. 

lift handle on green waste - to do green waste

Don’t forget to raise the handle on your green waste bin when you put it on the kerbside! 

Don’t put recycling out in cardboard boxes, they can get wet easily and rip when our whanau grab them.
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