How to recycle clear wrap such as bread bags

January 28, 2014 / Uncategorized

How to recycle clear wrap such as bread bags

You can recycle clear wrap by putting it in your kerbside bin (collected together in one bag) or bringing it to the clear wrap bin at Xtreme Waste.

With the exception of cling wrap (which is made of PVC, and is NOT accepted), two good rules of thumb for determining which materials are accepted are (1) it should stretch, at least a little (try this with your thumb) and (2) it should also be clear, or light/translucent.


What clear wrap can you recycle?

Clear shopping bags (most plastic shoppings bags are not clear – not recyclable) – Dry cleaning bags – Newspaper bags – Bread/bagel bags – Produce bags – Mattress bags – Shrink wrap from cases of beverages – Electronic overwrap – Paper towel and toilet paper overwrap  – Airpacks (from shipped packages) – Bubble wrap – Pellet/Firewood bags