Hamilton Business’s taking responsibility for their environment!!

August 3, 2016 / Uncategorized

Hamilton Business’s taking responsibility for their environment!!

150 Coffee Cup Lids to be recycled


Well done OPUS International Consultants Limited, Hamilton branch. Due to Hamilton not having services to recycle anything beyond 1,2 or 5s, OPUS are now sending all their number 6 plastics to Xtreme Zero Waste for processing. Last week we received 150 coffee cup lids from these keen recyclers.

A note from Brooke Tomsett (Opus Team Administrator)

“In an office of 180 people the amount of takeaway coffee cups we go through every day is phenomenal. Upon looking into our current recycling policy I noticed that only number 1 and 2 plastic are being taken for recycling and the takeaway coffee cup lids are a number 6 plastic. It doesn’t take much for people to rinse and stack there used takeaway coffee cups and lids and leave them in the kitchens for me to collect. Once I have a box full I send them to Xtreme Zero Waste in Raglan. They take care of keeping this harmful plastic out of landfills – Every bit helps”.

Follow the Opus lead and deal with your coffee waste issues. Use refill cups when possible, if not, then recycle your cups and lids.