Glass Reuse over Recycling.

January 5, 2021 / Uncategorized

Glass Reuse over Recycling.

During December Visy Glass announced that they were swamped with glass and struggling to keep up with the increase in recycling. For 2 weeks they were not been able to accept clear glass and are struggling with quantities of green glass at the countries only glass furnaces in Penrose.

Xtreme will still pick up your glass from the kerbside over the summer. However we want everyone to think hard about our single usage of products and their packaging. We need to step it up from recycling. We need to go for reuse. Restrictions in recycling is not an uncommon story and we have seen the reduction of plastics and fibre (paper & cardboard) being able to be processed onshore in Aotearoa. Our old habit of flicking it offshore for someone else to deal with is no longer possible and we are left with having to deal with the issue, we created, ourselves.

Let’s support the businesses that are leading the way. We have a number of them here in Whaingaroa Raglan: Dreamview Creamery, PB23, Taunga Kereru, Raglan Chai, Hau Botanicals, and Workshop Brewing Co. All of these people take their glass packaging back, rewash and refill or just refill containers you provide. No need to be transported 160kms to be melted into another bottle or jar, transported to a factory to be refilled and then transported back to you.

The Herbal Dispensary and SWOP are two local businesses with bulk bins and jar libraries ready for easy refilling and reuse: Dry foods, vinegar and oil, pet food, cleaning detergent and shampoo, loose tea and natural medicines.

Support our local businesses, celebrate that they are part of a growing circular economy, buy local, refill local. Come on Raglan let’s step up and step out of recycling and into REUSE as much we can.