Garden Waste Collection

it's not garden waste unless we waste using it!

welcome to our new garden collection service.

Let us take the hassle out of your front yard, and turn waste into resources. We are collecting everything from grass clippings, to hedge trimmings, and all the weeds in between as its so important to keep these organic materials out of landfill.

If composting these at home isn’t a possibility for you, or you don’t have enough to fill a whole skip, nor a tow bar and trailer to bring your load to the Organics yard then our new garden waste collection service is perfect for you!

This service will be a fortnightly pickup in your neighbourhood on Wednesday afternoons. Our green wheelie bin will remain at your property for you to use as you need it, and put it out clearly to the kerbside in time for your next Wednesday pick up.

Yes Please

Grass clippings, leaves, weeds and pest plants, cut flowers, twigs, anything able to be cut with secateurs 

No Thanks

Branches, bamboo, flax roots, fireplace ash, tree stumps, soil, gravel, timber, plant packaging, netting, pots and wrap, “eco” packaging.