Fooseball – Eco Friendly and Green

March 13, 2018 / Uncategorized

Fooseball – Eco Friendly and Green

Eco-friendly foosball table for every home

Companies from all over the world are developing more and more green products which are good for our environment and for us. With eco-friendly influence getting stronger and stronger, even the game tables companies decided to give their contribution to the green and clean world. The most famous company in eco-friendly game table business is definitely The Kickpack. The Kickpack is a company who made one eco-friendly game we all want to have in our homes!

How it all started?

Kickpack is a German company which started this eco-friendly trend in their branch. The entire story dates back to the November 2011 when German mechanical engineer and a German industrial designer met. Both of them wanted to make something affordable, special and the most important, green. With all that in mind, they came up with the perfect idea – a foosball table made from cardboard.

The first foosball table made from cardboard

Kartoni is the first eco-friendly foosball table. The entire table is made from cardboard and wood without plastic, steel or glass. The first thing that came in my mind when I heard about the cardboard foosball table was the doubt of its stability and durability. But, boys from the Kickpack already had an answer to that question. They developed a new type of cardboard which is double corrugated and made from recycling old cardboard. You can’t find this type of cardboard anywhere else.

Made from cardboard and wood

Even though almost the entire foosball table is made from cardboard, there were things that are wooden. For example, it is easier to incorporate wooden rods and the wooden ball, than the cardboard versions, so they went with it. Since the entire foosball table is made from cardboard (with some wood), they had to figure out how to join the parts of the table. They used special Origami technique which gives them the ability to forget about screws, hammers and even the glue.

A real foosball table

When we look at the table we can see that it is a real foosball table. The size fits regulations, which is really great. The overall dimensions are 150cm x 71cm x 90 cm with the weight of 9 kg. There is also a storage space beneath the playing field where you can put whatever you are holding when it is your time to play.

Foosball players are in the 1-man goalie configuration which is not strange since this configuration is also known as the European style and the table comes from Germany. I love the fact that you can print your own players because you will get printable paper sheets with the table.

Actually, the entire table is extremely user-friendly. It is made for hobby players and hobby players love to play foosball with their friends. That is why they incorporated additional features in the table so we can enjoy the table in every way. For example, they made three cup holders which are pretty great. Only, I am not sure how the cardboard will act if something spills on it.

There is one corner left which can be used as a cup holder, but Kickpack Company decided to make something else. There is a passive speaker so you can listen to the music while playing foosball. I must say, I can’t seem to find one bad thing about the table. It is green, it is stable and it is portable. Yes, the table can come with us on every trip we decide to take!

Bring the foosball table with you

That is another advantage of cardboard. When you assemble the table you can disassemble it in short time and pack it into a slim long box for easier transportation. It even has a handle, because the table is made to be portable. Just imagine going on a field trip and the entire team ends up in a traffic jam. No one can move for hours. All you need to do is pull this awesome table from the trunk and let the games begin!

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