Foodwaste FAQ’S


Why are we diverting Raglan’s foodwaste from landfill?
• Foodwaste decomposes in landfill to create greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.
• Councils are required by legislation to reduce both waste to landfill and greenhouse gases.
• Foodwaste makes up approx. 20% of our waste, it is the single largest component of waste in our pre-paid bags.
• Diverting smelly foodwaste from our pre-paid bags should mean you don’t need to put out a pre-paid bag every week.
• Diverting foodwaste from our pre-paid bags should result in reduced amount of dog, cat and seagull strikes on pre-paid bags.
• Diverting food waste should mean residents will need purchase less pre-paid bags, therefore saving them money.
• Diverting foodwaste should reduce domestic waste to landfill by up to 20% therefore reducing waste transport costs, greenhouse emissions, and landfill charges. Raglan’s foodwaste will be mixed with local greenwaste and made into high quality ‘Superfood’ compost at Xtreme Zero Waste.
• ‘Superfood’ compost will be for sale locally. It has been proven to be an excellent product for veges, fruit and landscaping.
• Xtreme Zero Waste is working hard to remove all carbon waste from Raglan’s waste stream. This will enable our community to reclaim the carbon tax levied by central government.
• By collecting foodwaste and making compost at Xtreme Zero Waste we are creating more local employment opportunities.
Are foodwaste collections common in NZ?
• Not yet but many councils are working on trial programmes or researching options.
• Raglan will have the first dedicated kerbside foodwaste collection system in New Zealand.
• There are a lot of councils interested in Raglan’s programme.
• Hamilton City, New Plymouth, Taumaranui, and parts of Auckland launched in 2020.
• Internationally food waste collections are common. In some places foodwaste is banned from landfills.

Who will get the collection?
• All houses in the Raglan urban area and Bays – same houses that receive a kerbside collection of recyclables.

Can I opt out of the service?
• You can use the service whenever you want to.
• Please keep the equipment at your house (like you would the recycle bins) so you can use the service any time.

How do we know the equipment and service is suitable for Raglan?
• Xtreme Zero Waste has been using equipment and collection and composting methods for five years.
• The equipment and collection system has proven to be suitable and we have refined our composting method.

I only put my rubbish/recycling out fortnightly/monthly. Can I put my foodwaste out at this frequency too?
• Please put your foodwaste bin out weekly even if you only have a small amount so the foodwaste arrives for composting in a fresh state.

Putting another bin out is a physical challenge.
• We chose our foodwaste collection bins so they are easy to hold and carry and are half the size of the recycle bins.
I don’t have space to store extra bins
• The kitchen caddy is small and is designed to be kept in the kitchen.
• The kerbside collection bin is 20 litres and is best kept in a garage or outside in the shade.

We are a large family producing more than 20 litres of foodwaste per week
• You can purchase a second bin from Xtreme Zero Waste if you find you are filling it up before the week is out.

I only stay in Raglan on the weekend so am not around for the collection service.
• Ask a neighbour to put it out for you on your collection day
• Xtreme Zero Waste can advise about home composting and worm farming at your Raglan residence.

Can I take my foodwaste up to Xtreme Zero Waste if I miss the pick up or if I live outside the collection area?
• Unfortunately we can only accept foodwaste from the kerbside collection on the allocated days for health and safety reasons to comply with the Resource Consent.
• If you miss putting your bin out you can put it out the following week but please not longer than two weeks old.
• Xtreme Zero Waste will continue to encourage home composting or worm farming for those people not on the collection route.

Surely home composting is the answer to the foodwaste problem?
• Aerobic home composting and worm farming are a great way of reducing the foodwaste going to landfill and we encourage those that like to garden and enjoy composting to continue.
• Not everyone has the time, skill and physical ability to home compost.
• Poorly managed home compost will produce methane similar to putting it in the landfill.
• Many landlords don’t allow composts at rentals because of vermin and poor management.

• Councils and community organisations around NZ have supported and educated people in home composting and worm farming for several decades but results show uptake is not widespread and sustained enough to make a difference to overall foodwaste volumes to landfill.
• The Raglan kerbside collection service can complement our home composting and worm farming as can take items not usually home composted eg meat, citrus. Also if your compost/worm farm is full or you have large volumes (summer visitors) you can use the collection service.

Can the compostable bags be used in my home compost or worm farm?
• The compostable bags are not recommended for worm farms as they will clog up your worm farm and make it difficult for the worms to move the compost around.
• The compostable bags provided with the service are designed to break down rapidly in a hot composting situation (ie 50 degrees plus).
• In a cool compost the bags will compost slowly taking up to 6 months.
I don’t need the equipment as I’m a composter/backyard chicken keeper/pig feeder/batch owner
• If you are a temporary resident the service is always available to you if you can get your bins out on collection days.
• Home composting, chickens or pigs are all good solutions for foodwaste.
• The foodwaste collection is there for you to take the things that you may not be able give your chickens or pigs (eg banana skins, onions, citrus, meat).
• When (for lots of reasons) your chook and pig services are not available then you can use the kerbside service.
• Please keep the equipment with the dwelling as part of the Raglan waste services (as you do with the recycling bins).
• If you move house please leave the equipment with the house.

Is the foodwaste collection service free?
• Yes it is free to Raglan Residents who recieve kerbside collections.
• Extra or replacement bins are $15 for kerbside bin, $5 kitchen caddie. Compostable caddie liners are free, just leave a note in your green kerbside bin or collect from Kahu’s Nest.