Foodwaste Equipment

All houses in the Raglan urban area (houses that receive a kerbside recycle collection) received a kerbside bin in 2017 when our service began, kitchen caddy and a pack of starch bag liners.

Please refer to the user guides on the lids of the equipment to know how to get the best out of the service. If you move house please leave the equipment behind for the next owners/tenants.

Write your address clearly on the side of your kerbside bin.

Kitchen Caddy

  • Please follow the yes   please/no thanks instructions on the lid
  • Keep your kitchen caddy in the kitchen, on the bench or under the sink (or wherever is easily accessible for your household)
  • When needed wash with hot soapy water
  • Keep in shaded area of the kitchen, under the bench or where ever easily accessible for your household
Kia Ora, I'm your Kitchen Caddy


Kerbside Bin

  • When not on the kerbside keep in the shade
  • Put me out on the kerbside on your usual collection day alongside your recycling crates and pre-paid bags.
  • Wash with hot soapy water between collections
  • Leave my handle in the locked position, this will eliminate animal strikes on the bin.


Compostable Bags

  • Please follow the yes please/no thanks instructions on the front of the bag
  • Keep in a cool, dry shaded place
  • Use only one at a time inside the kitchen caddy (these bags are a lot stronger than they look)
  • Please only use me in your kitchen caddy, compostable bio -degradable bags from your retail stores are not made for the kerbside foodwaste collection service.
  • Near the end of your bag of compostable bags, there is a reminder slip.  Once you reach this slip, put it on top of your full compostable bags inside your kerbside bin, you will be left a new pack of compostable bags.  These will be placed under your upturned kerbside bin lid.
Kia Ora, I'm your Compostable Bag

If you need replacement or extra bins you can buy them at Kahu’s Nest.

Green Kerbside Bin: $15, Kitchen Caddie: $5, Bag liners: $free

Equipment Guidelines