Why divert and compost Raglan’s foodwaste?

Foodwaste is a heavy component of the waste stream that decomposes in our landfills to create greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.

Diverting foodwaste from Raglan’s household waste could reduce waste to landfill by up to 20% by weight.  This diversion should save money in the cost of transport of Raglan’s waste to landfill.  It should also save the home owner money by not having to use as many pre-paid bags.

Diverted foodwaste can be made into high quality compost in Raglan at Xtreme Zero Waste that can be used in home gardens for growing food or landscaping and amenity plantings.

Diverting foodwaste from rubbish bags and the hooker bins at the Recycling Centre should reduce bad odours in bags at home and at the centre and also reduce animal strikes on rubbish bags and vermin at the centre.

Are foodwaste collections common in NZ?

Christchurch City is the first City to have a kerbside food waste collection service.  Auckland City will have a collection service by 2019.  Many other Councils are considering a collection.  There is a national campaign (Love Food Hate Waste) to remove food waste from landfills.  Internationally food waste collections are common and have been established for a few years.  We have used available knowledge and experience to design Raglan’s system.

Who will get the collection?

All houses in the Raglan urban area and Bays – same houses that receive a kerbside collection of recyclables.

Is the equipment and service suitable for Raglan?

Xtreme Zero Waste have been trialling the equipment and collection and composting methods for five years with a trial area of 100 houses in Raglan West.  The equipment has proven to be robust and suitable.

I only put my rubbish/recycling out fortnightly/monthly can I put my foodwaste out at this frequency too?

To get the foodwaste to the composting site in good condition and not decaying it is best to put out your foodwaste bin weekly even if you only have a small amount.

I only stay in Raglan on the weekend so am not around for the collection service.

The foodwaste collection will be on the same day as the recycle collection in your neighbourhood. If your collection day is Monday you could put your bin out on Sunday evening (with the handle in the locked position to prevent dog strikes) and ask a neighbour to bring your bin in for you.  Otherwise Xtreme Zero Waste can advise about home composting and worm farming.

I’m a home composter/worm farmer/chicken keeper so I won’t need a collection service or equipment.

Households can use the kerbside service whenever you like.  Home composter/chicken feeders/worm farmers in the trial area found that households could use the collection service anytime they were too busy to compost, compost was full, they had extra volumes due to summer visitors, the chooks got the chop or they did not want to put certain items in their compost eg meat.

Can I take my foodwaste up to Xtreme Zero Waste if I miss the pick up or if I live outside the collection area?

Unfortunately we can only accept foodwaste from the kerbside collection on the allocated days for health and safety reasons to comply with the Resource Consent.

Xtreme Zero Waste will continue to support home composting or worm farming for those people not on the collection route.

Can the compostable bags be used in my home compost or worm farm?

The compostable bags provided with the service are not suitable for home composting or worm farms as they require high temperatures to compost them down.  Xtreme Zero Waste will be operating a hot composting system for composting foodwaste.

Is the foodwaste collection service free to ratepayers?

The setup costs and the first year of service is free and funded by the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund & WDC waste levys.  The second year will be funded by WDC waste levys. During these two years data of real costs of the service will be collated to work out actual cost of the service.  By the 3rd year the service will be a targeted rate.  In other parts of the world recycling and foodwaste diversion has reduced the household spending on waste to landfill which in turn supports the other services.

  • Can we opt out of the service?

You can use the service whenever you want to.

Keep the equipment at your house, should you need the service feel free to use it.

  • How much will this cost us?

The service is free this will be reviewed in a years’ time

  • What if we don’t want it?

The equipment belongs to the house and is part of the Raglan waste services.

  • Can’t manage with the current bins

Our bins are easy to hold and carry