Garden (green) waste

October 15, 2014 /

Garden (green) waste

Green Waste can be dropped off or placed in a hired mini-skip. Garden waste is piled into mounds, where it starts to break down. About every five months, the mobile mulching machine shreds everything and lays it in long piles, called windrows. Every few weeks the digger turns the windrow, to enable the composting process. With the help of microbes, worms and fungus, the windrows break down into a dark and rich compost – perfect for the garden. Compost is sold from Kaahu’s Nest by the bag or on-site by the trailer load and it can also be delivered. Green waste is Whaingaroa’s largest volume of waste, around 40% of the total community volume.

The following noxious weeds and plants will not be accepted into green waste and must go to landfill.

– Oxalis
– Kikuya Grass
– Gorse
– Ginger
– Bamboo roots
– Climbing Dock Weed
– Agapanthus seed heads
– Asparagus Fern
– Wandering Willy
– Wooly Night Shade
– Seeding Privet
– Convolvulus
– Bone Seed