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from our organics yard.

At Xtreme we are all about turning negatives of waste into many positives. Instead of organic material like food and garden waste making landfill 10 x more toxic, this community is diverting it, and closing the loop via locally made, stirred and nurtured, compost.

The Horizontal Composting Unit (HCU) was built in 2017 with funding from the National Waste Minimisation Fund, Waikato District Council & Xtreme Zero Waste investment. It’s 30m long x 3m wide x 2m deep and is a controlled composting system, with moving lids and internal drainage.

At Xtreme, organic resources; food waste and green waste, are mixed then loaded into one end of the HCU. The mixture is hot composted through a natural process, reaching up to 65°C which kills weeds, seeds and pathogens. Over 10-12 weeks of composting, the mix is turned regularly and becomes our Superfood Compost.

Close the loop by purchasing our compost for your gardens. We have a range of compost and worm-made products for sale. You can order bulk deliveries by phoning our office 07 825 6509. Minimum order per customer is 1 cubic metre. 

Superfood Compost.

This compost is made from food waste and shredded garden waste. Superfood compost is a high nutrient compost and is rich in beneficial bacteria and fungus and is best dug into your garden soil to give a boost. Beware, it is too rich to plant small seedlings into but can be used as a side fertiliser dressing for flowers, vegetables and trees or dug into garden soil.

Available as follows:

  • Superfood Compost $13.50 for 30ltrs bag (available at Kaahu’s Nest)

Superfood mulch.

This is a coarse chip mulch which has been composted through the Superfood process. It is alive with beneficial fungus and will slowly release nutrients into your garden and save watering and weeding. This product is ideal for mulching around trees and garden beds in summer to conserve moisture.

Available as follows:

  • Superfood Mulch – $6 for 30ltr Bag at Kaahu’s Nest.

carbon compost.

This product is made from Green Waste only and has been matured for 6 months. Similar to top soil, it is a medium nutrient compost ideal for soil conditioning, garden construction and landscaping.

  • Carbon Compost  –  $10.50 for 30ltr Bag at Kaahu’s Nest. 

garden mix.

Garden Mix is a 50:50 Carbon/Superfood Compost it is ideal for planters, containers or layering on top of gardens ready to plant into.

Available as follows:

  • Garden Mix –  $11 for 30ltr Bag at Kaahu’s Nest.  


Our worm tonic is a natural great addition of root boosting growth hormone to any plants, garden, indoors and containers. Dilute 1:10 with water and feed to your garden as you need it. We recommend monthly the week before the new moon is best..

Available as follows:

  • XL bottle 2.25L  $7.50
  • Large bottle 1.5L $5.00
  • 500ml bottle $2.00


Worm castings bring life to your soil and enhance protection against disease. Sprinkle it around plants or mix it 1:10 with water to make a liquid fertiliser

Available as follows:

  • Worm Castings sack –  $8.50 for 5ltr Bag at Kaahu’s Nest. 

We thank you for choosing to support locally made compost for the growing your garden goodness. We thank the community for seperating their organic resources so that XZW can make compost As you can see from this long worm, it’s been quite a journey evolving our systems and the 2022 targeted rate has secured the Raglan kerbside food waste collection service. 

~ Mauri ora! 

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