Can you help our Community Composting Service continue?

March 14, 2021 / Uncategorized

Can you help our Community Composting Service continue?

We LOVE home composters, worm farmers and supporters of the food waste collection! Diverting food waste, making good compost and growing great gardens is the BEST way of keeping food waste out of landfill.

Xtreme Zero Waste are proud to have been closing the loop on food waste for 3.5 years now, diverting a whopping 550 tons of food waste and 500 tons of greenwaste locally to turn into nutritious compost for local gardeners to grow their own flowers and kai.

This service accepts hard-to-home-compost things like citrus, onions, meat and bones (no fish), dairy products, dry goods like spoiled flour and uncooked rice etc. Anyone can use the food waste collection at anytime for these food waste items. Or if your compost is overwhelmed and you need time to sort that worm farm, or empty those compost bins.

If you’ve had a lot of summer visitors and have extra food waste then use the food waste collection for the surplus unavoidable food waste and help Xtreme to make compost for local gardeners, all our closing the loop products are sold locally.

Our community kerbside collection service for food waste is NOT guaranteed to continue. As Council put their Long Term Plan together, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT RIGHT NOW to advocate for this service to Waikato District Council Mayor.

Email a letter of support now to

Mayor Allan Sanson: