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October 3, 2021 / Uncategorized

A return to Level 3.

Kia ora Raglan, as we slip back into Alert Level 3 mode today let us remind you what our services are this week:

  • Our site is now closed to all public.
  • Kerbside collection days: Wednesday (including Tuesday zone) and Friday (including Thursday zone).
  • We are picking up Pre-paid bags + food waste only.
  • Please store your washed and squashed recyclables at home.
  • Rural recycling containers are closed again. Please continue to store recyclable containers at home.
  • Mini skips for pre-paid bags ONLY will return to specific road ends locations.

Any questions, send them on through, we are always happy to hear them and help. Please help us in return by getting our messages to your neighbours. Send links, screenshots, txting or 2m distanced chatting over the fence.

Thanks Raglan for thinking of others and supporting our collective community to safely get through this time

September 26, 2021 / Uncategorized

Normal Collections Resume.

Great news for your garages! THIS WEEK we are back collecting paper, card, glass, aluminium, tin cans AND plastics (1,2,5). Thank you so much for all your awesome washing, squashing and stockpiling at home throughout this time. We (and the planet) are thankful for your patience, and keeping these items seperate from landfill bags.

If you’d like to hear what lockdown was like from our collections team perspective, tune in to this great conversation from Runner Jahli and Driver Mike, who joined Aaron in studio on Raglan Community Radio Morning Show. “If you’re unsure just come and ask us” great advice from Jahli when they’re out on the road.

September 17, 2021 / Uncategorized

Cardboard joins Kerbside Collection.

Kia ora Raglan.

This week coming from Tuesday 21st September we will be adding CARDBOARD back into our kerbside collection services. So we will be collecting pre-paid bags, food waste, glass and cardboard.

Please flatten and stack all cardboard and paper so they can be easily collected by the team, and our streets don’t have flying litter.

If you have a big stock pile of recyclables at home still, you can bring them up to site, or wait for our continued roll out of collections over coming weeks. Our site is open from 12:30pm, final drop offs at 4:30pm.

Thanks again for your patience, and for being awesome washing and squashing, stockpiling at home through Alert levels.

September 12, 2021 / Uncategorized

Return of Recycling Collection of GLASS.

Kia ora Raglan community, we are pleased to be returning to our normal days for kerbside collection this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We will be collecting pre-paid bags, food waste, and GLASS recycling only.

Please put all glass recycling (remove all lids) out to your kerbside in solid containment. Examples of this could be buckets, chilly bins, fish bins.

Cardboard boxes are not suitable containment as they will likely get wet, soft and break this week in the rain, and are too hazardous for our team to pick up safely. Also while we are not collecting cardboard, we don’t want any litter of bags and boxes on our community roadsides.

We have an awesome person in our community collecting up wine bottle lids for kids charity. Please save yours up to deliver to Angela’s letterbox at 11A Norrie Ave.

~ Kia ora!

September 6, 2021 / Uncategorized

Nau Mai Hoki Mai, Level 2!

Kia ora Whanau, we are relieved to be returning down a level to Level 2 and we look forward to seeing you back on site soon, just not all at once!

Our site re-opens from 12:30pm Wednesday 8th September. Our site hours return to normal closing at 5pm, last drop offs by 4:30pm. Please bring up your sorted loads of recycling, rubbish and reusable items for resale in the shop and yards.

Please scan in once you arrive on site.

Please wear a mask and keep your 2m social distancing at all times.

Please respect our staff’s instructions and directions of flow on site.

Please use hand sanitiser available at various locations.

Please stay home if you are feeling sick.

Kerbside Collections will return to normal days (Tuesday-Friday) from next week. Beginning with Tuesday Kākāriki zone on 14th. However we are NOT YET COLLECTING RECYCLING. We will be collecting recycling in a staggered approach over the next few weeks. Please return to our website, or facebook page for these updates and announcements for your area. In the meantime, bring your recycling up to site if you need to.

For Rural residents; our skip bins for pre-paid bags will remain out at their road end locations this week. They will be collected on Friday and as of next week, our normal collections for pre-paid bags resumes on Mondays and Fridays.

Our skip bin service is back open for landfill and greenwaste in bulk, please phone the office to book one for your place. Bulk compost, and greenwaste drop offs will be available from Wednesday 8th also.

Any questions please get in touch with our team. We thank you for your patience and understanding during the strange times of Level 3 and 4.

September 1, 2021 / Uncategorized

Week 3 and it’s Level 3

Kia ora Raglan whanau, as we have headed into Level 3 this week we wanted to let you know that there are no changes to our Level 4 services.

To reduce exposure for our team to anything hazardous we will continue to collect kerbside pre-paid bags and food waste bins on Wednesdays (for Tuesday & Wednesday zones) and on Fridays (for Thursday & Friday zones).

Thank you for continuing to stock pile your recycling at home during this time. We’ve seen folks out there making best use of their empty summer chilly bins, buckets or the classic banana box. At Xtreme we really value providing jobs over machines, and we value delivering a premium product to the recycling market too, so all our recycling is collected and sorted by hand, this is why its the most hazardous thing to collect during covid times. Thanks again for your patience, understanding and kindness for our team.

Skip bins continue to be serviced in Rural areas. These are in position to collect pre-paid bags only. Please nothing else can go in these, as we need the space for the rest of your neighbours bags too. Seafrieght containers containers continue to be closed.

Our site remains closed to the public and most of our non-collections team are staying home / working from home if they can. We are answering questions and queries on Facebook messenger, but some requests related to site services are not able to be fulfilled during this time, we thank you for understanding.

Lastly, as we can all head out for a frothy milked espresso now, keep cups are permitted. Check out the guidelines here. Best thing to do is to order online, scan in on arrival, pop down your cup onto a spot or tray provided, hold onto the lid, The barista will fill up your cup with goodness, we pay wave to pay (doesn’t need to touch either) and DONE! Happy customer, happy local business, happy environment.

Stay home and stay kind folks.

August 22, 2021 / Uncategorized

Week 2, August Lockdown

There are changes to our collections for this week as we continue at Level 4 lockdown ’til midnight Tuesday, unconfirmed after that. Whāingaroa whanau we hope you’re all doing ok in your bubbles and tapping into what we learned last year to cope with life at home. Here’s the update and the low down for Raglan Rubbish collections.

  • Kerbside collections continue for Pre-paid bags and Foodwaste only
  • Tuesday and Wednesday zones will be completed on WEDNESDAY.
  • Thursday and Friday zones will be completed on FRIDAY

Rural Community: We will have miniskips for pre-paid bags ONLY at the following locations:

Te Mata Road End, Maungatawhiri Road End, Okete Road End (Raglan), Te Uku Sea Freight Container and Waitetuna School (Cogswell Rd Residents please use this drop off spot for blue bags).

These miniskips will be emptied Mondays and Fridays, please DO NOT put anything in these skips apart from pre-paid bags, we need room to service others in your community

  • Rural recycling containers closed
  • Our Te Hutewai Rd Site remains closed

Please wash and squash and hold onto all recycling at home for a later time when we can safely collect again.

Any questions please get in touch! And please share this with your Neighbourhood networks.

August 17, 2021 / Uncategorized

Week 1, August Lockdown.

Kia ora whanau, Going back to LEVEL 4 Lockdown means we will only be collecting pre-paid bags and food waste for the remainder of this week

Please keep all recycling contained at home for a later date.

Our site is closed until Saturday depending on Lockdown developments.

Kia kaha Whāingaroa

July 22, 2021 / Uncategorized

The Hut. A cafe working towards zero waste.

The Plastic Free Raglan team sat down for a cuppa with Emma, owner of The Hut which opened last December on Rangitahi Peninsula.

We have been stoked to have you and The Hut open in Raglan. What’s been your highlight of your journey so far? It’s been awesome connecting with the community who share similar values, working towards zero waste. I love the challenge of finding ways to reduce my waste as a hospitality business. There are many things we can do such as use local re-filleries to minimise packaging, support suppliers that allow you to BYO containers, and say no to single use items such as throw away cups. I am always looking for ways where I can improve

What’s been a challenge you’ve experienced?  Gauging how much food to make and sell each day! Food waste is something I’ve become very mindful of. Not only for environmental reasons but also for how it effects the bottom line profit.

And why is food waste so important to you? It doesn’t seem right to send food or coffee grounds to landfill when it can be composted, and reused to grow more food. When I started this business I set myself the challenge to work towards zero waste, being mindful of inhouse processes and ways to reduce all waste streams.

The Hut was the 2nd café in our community to ban single use cups. You did it right from the very start and we are so proud of you! What percentage of customers don’t have a keep cup on them already? Are these customers more likely to sit for 5 mins? Or borrow an ugly mug? The % of people without a BYO cup of some description is very low. Suprisingly when I explain I don’t have throwaway cups, customers will either find a reusable cup from their car or are happy to borrow from our mug library. In other cases they don’t mind to stop, use our have-here cups and enjoy the views. It’s been great to see people embracing new habits and returning with keepcups next time.

We love to support and walk alongisde hospitality businesses in our community. But we do challenge businesses to BAN SINGLE USE CUPS. Often the response is the very real fear of losing customers by removing this option. So we are curious how many people have you had to turn away? I would say about 5% decide not to order. They are mostly people from out of town. When we have a conversation around the kaupapa here in Raglan and Rangitahi it sometimes leads to them realising they have time to sit and stay for a while with a real cup in hand.

Do you have any hot tips for cafe’s not yet taken the plunge to remove single use cups? Having options makes it easier. Offering have here cups, a borrow system and encouraging to BYO.  And don’t get disgruntled if people come with a dirty cup. I’d much rather wash one then use a throwaway. I’m launching a cup loan system for regulars who want to takeaway. These are double walled, stainless steel cups with silicon lids. The idea is; customers will pay a fee to loan the cup, which is either refunded on return or replaced with a new cup next time they come for a coffee.

The Hut is surrounded by building sites on Rangitahi Peninsula. We think you’re a prime example of #tradieswhogiveashit What’s been your experience sharing a single use cup free cafe with all your tradie neighbours ? It has been great, smooth and surprising! So many tradies working in Rangitahi are local tradespeople who already support the environmental culture in Raglan. They all have their own cups, borrow and bring back ugly mugs, love eating our pies off real plates, sitting and having a chat.

What is next on your journey to zero waste that you’re seeking out solutions for? I would love to eliminate the tetra packaging our alternative milk comes in. I have swapped my bakeware out and use silicone muffin trays and baking sheets instead of single use baking paper. Any unavoidable foodwaste gets composted but it would be awesome to get a community compost happening on the peninsula in the future.

The Hut is located on Rangitahi Peninsula and open 8-2pm Monday-Friday. @the_hut_rangitahi

If you’d like more support for reducing waste in your business, or organistion. Get in contact with us or pop into the Xtreme Zero Waste office.  If you’d like to be a further advocate for the reusable kaupapa then tag us in your pics We will always re-share.

May 10, 2021 / Uncategorized

Building Out Waste

Xtreme Zero Waste Ltd has launched an exciting new project looking at construction and demolition waste in Raglan. Construction and Demolition makes up 50% of waste to landfill in Aotearoa, 95% of which could be reused or recycled. The team; Emma Martin, Rick Thorpe and Ian Mayes, Eco Building Advisor are working with local tradies, landowners and designers to rethink and reduce construction waste in Raglan.   

“We hope to continue this conversation that many tradies are already having, and to support zero waste ambition with further containment systems and education”  Emma says, “we are running a series of workshops, audits of local building and demolition sites, waste stream research and are producing a brochure with advice for the local building community”. 

Xtreme continues to refer to the Waste Heirarchy where Reduce and Reuse are steps above Recycle. In construction world this means: rethinking design, refusing non-recyclable materials, reducing the amount of materials on site, reusing over supply and offcuts and as a last option disposing of waste to appropriate disposal streams.  

This project has been made possible with support from Waikato Regional Council and Rangitahi Ltd. 

Come and join the conversation at our next workshop TBC in June – follow us on Facebook @xtremezerowaste for updates. For more information, please contact Emma at