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April 22, 2022 / Uncategorized

Te Mata Drop Off Closure

Kia ora Rural Residents,

We recently closed down the Te Mata pre-paid bag drop off site. We had to do this quickly due to the site becoming a health hazard – rats at the site and infesting neighbouring properties and due to the large and ongoing amounts of illegal dumping (over 1000m3 in the last 6months).

  • Additional containment has been placed at Te Uku to manage additional pre-paid bags dropped there.
  • The Te Uku site is emptied Monday and Friday (and more if needed).
  • The Te Uku site is currently having specialised containment made for pre-paid bag collection with lids, and closable holes to reduce rodent attacks and security cameras installed.

Te Uku will also soon have a new 40ft container for recycling collection, placed on a concrete pad and within a fenced area.

Te Mata drop off site will be cleaned,  and a load of gravel added. Signage is arriving shortly.

The wider Raglan region has access to one of the best and biggest resource recovery centres in the country. At Xtreme we offer the opportunity to divert 80% of what would go to landfill (saving you $$ on pre-paid bags or drop off charges). So come on up to site with your drop off items and see what else you could find to reuse. We have folks coming here from as far as Huntly because of opportunity to divert “waste” into the wood yard, metal yard, organics yard, or kahu’s nest. So we encourage everyone to make the most of what’s available here in your local community.

~ Kia ora!

April 11, 2022 / Uncategorized

Easter Hours

Kia ora Raglan, our site will be closed this Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Please enjoy your long weekend with your family and friends, and we look forward to seeing you up on site Saturday or Sunday.

🐣 If you’re eating easter eggs, remember to recycle your cardboard boxes without plastic windows, and squish all the aluminium foil together for less litter and easier collection.

🍞 If you come across some stale hot cross buns… Here’s a great #lovefoodhatewaste recipe:

If you’re heading away on a roadie, remember your keep cup and drive safe!

March 6, 2022 / Uncategorized

Support the Food Waste Service.

Our food waste collection service is up for consultation again with Waikato District Council and we’re asking again for your support to continue this important service.

Whether you use this service every week, partly alongside home composts, or not at all, folks will know that this service helps many in our community to divert their natural food waste scraps from landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With this service we can take this nutrients and make compost for growing more gardens and kai in. This circular economy makes sense, is so good for our global emissions, and our local community.

What’s more, if food waste is removed out of pre-paid bags, then bags can wait longer before they go out to kerb without smells and rubbish juice seeping out, and not as many need to be purchased. Saving every household a lot of $ over the year.

We hope you can give feedback to support this service for the Raglan community. Your opinions matter in guiding Waikato District Council on their decisions for a targeted rate and the continuation of this service.

To find out more info and to have your say about it, check this link here.

You can listen in to Organics manager Liz Stanway and Local Counsellor Lisa Thompson on Raglan Community Radio interview here.

Kia ora Raglan. Thanks for working together towards zero waste.

February 17, 2022 / Uncategorized

Changes to Clean Fill

Kia ora Raglan. We have some changes to our CLEAN FILL drop off.

Firstly, what is clean fill? We can accept soil, rubble, concrete, ceramics, toilets, broken tiles etc. We are keeping these items out of landfill by compacting it in areas on site that can be built up. We cannot take tree stumps, gorse, bamboo, flax and pampas with roots attached.

Our site has reached capacity and we can no longer accept truck loads of clean fill. We will be contacting commercial businesses directly, but all folks in the community please know from now it’s just 👉🏾 up to a domestic trailer load 👈🏾Clean fill drop offs now must go to the 👉🏾 new location of our Organics Yard👈🏾 Please note, this yard is closed Mondays & Tuesdays.

  • First go to our main yard to have your load measured.
  • Pay in at the shop.
  • Drop off back at the Organics Yard on your way out.
  • Show your till receipt to our Organics team member.

Like all trailers coming to site, please 👉🏾 sort your load👈🏾 So it’s not mixed with other things, Mixed trailer loads will have to go to landfill which is a higher price to pay for the wallet and Papatuanuku.

Any questions, please let us know.

Thank you for working with us towards zero waste.

January 28, 2022 / Uncategorized

Site Closed Saturday 29th January 2022

Kia ora Raglan, This Saturday 29th January, our site will be CLOSED.

We apologise if this inconveniences you. Due to Omicron being close by, we are rearranging our shop and drop off area to keep up with health and safety standards for Covid code red.

Our main priority during this difficult time is keeping our whanau and the wider community safe. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and continued support.

Kia kaha.

We will be back open 10-5pm Sunday and 12:30-5pm Monday.

December 19, 2021 / Uncategorized

Summer Hours

Kia ora Whāingaroa,

The Xtreme team wish everyone a safe summer holiday and festive season ahead. Thanks for all the hard work stockpiling through lockdowns, super sorting and keeping up with the constant changes this year, 2021 has been quite the year! We invite you to continue working with us towards zero waste throughout the summer season, our collection days are the same, but site will be closed some days.

  • Our collection schedule is staying the same over Christmas and New Year. Please put your kerbside rubbish, food waste and recycling crates out on normal days Tuesday – Friday.
  • Rural communities no changes to your collections either.
  • Our site will be closed Friday 24th – Monday 27th and Friday 31st – Monday 3rd.
  • Please note, our Organics yard is usually closed Monday, Tuesdays, so it is only be open on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd, and Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th through this period. Bagged compost is always available at Kaahu’s Nest.

We look forward to seeing you up on site with your visiting whanau. We have plenty of summer essentials for sale for your gardening, DIY’ing, partying or some good reads for the hammock.

Our recycling windows are open for any celebration overflow just remember to remove those lids and make sure they’re all well washed and squashed.

In a time where packaging and rubbish can pile up a lot more than usual, let’s all REDUCE what packaging we buy, REFILL what we can, share or donate things to REUSE, REPAIR broken items and RECYCLE before anything goes to landfill.

~ Kia ora!

December 1, 2021 / Uncategorized

Returning to Normal site & services

Great news Raglan, we are heading back to collecting 4 days a week. Āe we are all going back to normal days from Tuesday 7th December!

Kakariki zone Tuesday

Mawhero zone Wednesday

Karaka zone Thursday

Kowhai zone Friday

This also means folks don’t have to seperate out all recyclables to individual containment anymore. Everyone must continue to wash and squash however, and keep glass to its own crate.

• Mixed plastics (♻️1,2&5) Ali cans and tin cans can go in the other green crate but if you’re feeling awesome keep seperating these items out with your neighbours.

• Cardboard and paper continue to be stacked on the side.

Our site also is returning to normal hours. We will be open 7 days a week and FROM THIS THURSDAY 2nd December we are back to: 12:30-5pm weekdays, 10-5pm weekends. Last drop offs by 4:30pm. Our Organics Yard is CLOSED Monday and Tuesdays.

Our staff will continue to wear masks when serving customers, inside and outside and we ask customers to do the same. We continue to have hand sanitiser on site for everyone to help them selves to, and we ask folks to continue their physical distancing from others at all times.

Thanks again for all your support it’s been a real community effort to keep our whanau safe and continue to divert from landfill.

~ Kia ora Whāingaroa!

November 3, 2021 / Uncategorized

Reopening of our Site

We are glad to announce that part of our site will be opening this week: Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th from 10.00am – 5.00pm
We are open for drop offs only of: Landfill, Recycling, Greenwaste, Metal & Wood Yards and Kāhu’s Nest (Shop items)

Payments for drop offs are via EFTPOS ONLY – NO CASH
Kāhu’s Nest and our Metal/Wood yards will be CLOSED for shopping at this stage ~ sorry!

Majority of loads will need to be unloaded by yourself where possible please.

We know it can get a bit hectic on site so we will have a minimum number of cars on site at once, please be patient waiting for your turn.

There will be contact tracing on entry – with directions and instructions from our welcoming party on duty.

Please maintain your 2 metre distancing at all times, mask up, and as per usual practice patience, be kind and follow our teams guidance.

Our “click and collect” compost bag sales are continuing for Friday afternoon pick ups so place your order by emailing and await online payment instructions.

Rural residents our pop up recycling truck will be at Te Uku Thursday 4th 10-2pm Te Mata next Thursday.

Any questions, DM us or phone the office.

Cheers Raglan! Will be great to see you.

October 29, 2021 / Uncategorized

November Collections

Kia ora Raglan! Great news –  we are going to be picking up recyclables again from the first week of November. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep our crew safe. 

We need you and your flat/whanau to sort your items separately into:

  • Brown Glass
  • Green Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Tin Cans
  • Flattened Cardboard
  • Paper inside a box or paper bag (if possible)
  • Plastics mixed (1s, 2s and 5s) – washed and squashed and lids removed please ?

Our team will NOT be sorting any recycling on the kerbside.

You can use boxes, crates, buckets, or whatever you have to separate all of these recyclables.

If your whare doesn’t have enough crates or buckets then stagger what you put out e.g. glass one week, metals the next. There’s no rush, we are continuing the collection in this way for some time.

The aim of the game (Raglan’s team of 3.5k) is for our awesome collections crew to pick up a bucket or box and toss the recyclables into the truck’s compartments without touching and hand sorting the items.

This way we can…

  • Collect from you regularly,
  • We can reduce waste to landfill,
  • Make the most of these recyclable materials as they go on to be made into new things (once they’ve been stored for a safe amount of time onsite)

If crates on your kerbside are mixed they will be left behind. 

Collections will continue on Wednesday and Friday only.

Rural Residents:  Next Thursday 4th November we are popping up a truck at Te Uku for folks to come and sort their recyclables. Te Mata and Waitetuna residents you’re welcome to come with yours too, but we will be doing a pop up at Te Mata the following week.

Thanks for your patience folks and thanks in advance for all your awesome sorting! Top trick from Matua X Man – if you don’t know your tin from your aluminuim, grab a magnet from the fridge and watch it only grab hold of tin cans.

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October 25, 2021 / Uncategorized

Return to Glass Collection

Kia ora Raglan community, we are pleased to be collecting glass this week on our reduced days Wednesday and Friday.

We will be collecting pre-paid bags, food waste, and GLASS recycling only.

Please put all glass recycling (remove all lids) out to your kerbside in solid containment. Examples of this could be buckets, chilly bins, fish bins.

Cardboard boxes are not suitable containment as they will likely get wet, soft and break this week in the rain, and are too hazardous for our team to pick up safely. Also while we are not collecting cardboard, we don’t want any litter of bags and boxes on our community roadsides.

If you put out glass mixed with other recyclables it will not be collected.

We have an awesome person in our community collecting up wine bottle lids for kids charity. Please save yours up to deliver to Angela’s letterbox at 11A Norrie Ave.

~ Kia ora!