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June 28, 2021 / Uncategorized

Landfill Charges are Increasing 1st July 2021

As of 1st July, Landfill levies and charges are increasing all over Aotearoa. This hole in the ground that acts as the “away” we throw things to, has been acknowledged by government as a critical part of global greenhouse emissions and the risk of extended pollution. Remember the Fox River Landfill, exposed in the South Island in 2019, polluting 100km of west coast coastline? And over on the east coast, Te Araroa landfill long forgotten then exposed by a storm in 2020?

Where does our landfill levy go? Half of the money goes back to councils to fund waste minimisation activities and services. The other half going to a contestable fund where community groups can apply for funding for futher waste minimisation projects.

Xtreme Zero Waste prices for landfill drop offs and bags are going up to $85pm3. We will continue to provide the opportunity for our community to divert up to 80% of their waste. It’s everyone’s choice to join us and separate loads, and continue working with us to REDUCE our purchases, REUSE items, REPAIR items where possible. Make sure RECYCLABLES get into recycling crates, leftovers are enjoyed and any unavoidable FOOD WASTE goes in the compost or our kerbside food waste collection. You can find a list of our charges here.

March 25, 2021 / Uncategorized

Kerbside Collections – 29th March 2021 – 1st April 2021

Kerbside collections will all be running a day earlier next week (29th March 2021).

If your usual collection day is TUESDAY – Next week your day be MONDAY 29th March

If your usual collection day is WEDNESDAY –  Next week your day will be TUESDAY 30th March

If your usual collection day is THURSDAY – Next week your day will be WEDNESDAY 31st March

If your usual collection day is FRIDAY – Next week your day will be THURSDAY 1st April


March 19, 2021 / Events / Foodwaste / Media

A week of events with Xtreme

We are proud to be able to share a bunch of awesome events coming up over the next few weeks.

Saturday 20th March is MAUI DOLPHIN DAY 12-4pm at Papahua Domain. Stalls, food, music, and the famous Recycled Raft Race! We love this wonderful community day out. Our Plastic Free Raglan team will be joining the line up of environmental projects with their stall of games and interesting things they found in our community street bins!

Wednesday 24th March We have our first TRADIE BREAKFAST WORKSHOP. This is continuing the conversation about Construction and Demolition waste and we are so pleased to have Ian Mayes Eco Building adviser sharing practical steps on how to reduce waste on site. Come join us at Orca 7-8am RSVP on the Facebook event here. 

Wednesday 24th MarchZero Waste Network and our composting leader Liz are hosting a COMPOSTING WORKSHOP DAY While this event is fully booked up, we are stoked to share an example of how folks around Aotearoa are coming to Xtreme to learn about our organics processing. Diverting foodwaste from landfill is super important and on the radar for many at a national and international level.

Thursday 25th March is a late night at Xtreme with our CLOSING THE LOOP CIRCULAR ECONOMY EVENING. We are glad to partner with Zero Waste Network to host this event hearing from some awesome people in the Waikato who love to move things in circles. Jess from Dreamview, Bruno & Matt from Workshop Brewing Co, Owen from Convex Innovate Plastics AND Tania from Go Eco in Hamilton.  facebook RSVP here or on eventbrite here!

Saturday 27th March we are opening up our organics site for a HOT COMPOST HAPPY HOUR of sorts. Be there at 3pm for an opportunity to take a closer look around our organics yard and check out the big HCU (Horizontal Composting Unit). Ask our organics yard team any questions about the process, the bugs, the heat, the magic that turns our community’s greenwaste and unavoidable food waste into compost! Facebook event here.

Thanks Raglan, we are stoked to provide these opportunities for more learning, connection and together working towards zero waste with you, your whanau and visiting friends ~ Kia ora!


March 14, 2021 / Uncategorized

Can you help our Community Composting Service continue?

We LOVE home composters, worm farmers and supporters of the food waste collection! Diverting food waste, making good compost and growing great gardens is the BEST way of keeping food waste out of landfill.

Xtreme Zero Waste are proud to have been closing the loop on food waste for 3.5 years now, diverting a whopping 550 tons of food waste and 500 tons of greenwaste locally to turn into nutritious compost for local gardeners to grow their own flowers and kai.

This service accepts hard-to-home-compost things like citrus, onions, meat and bones (no fish), dairy products, dry goods like spoiled flour and uncooked rice etc. Anyone can use the food waste collection at anytime for these food waste items. Or if your compost is overwhelmed and you need time to sort that worm farm, or empty those compost bins.

If you’ve had a lot of summer visitors and have extra food waste then use the food waste collection for the surplus unavoidable food waste and help Xtreme to make compost for local gardeners, all our closing the loop products are sold locally.

Our community kerbside collection service for food waste is NOT guaranteed to continue. As Council put their Long Term Plan together, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT RIGHT NOW to advocate for this service to Waikato District Council Mayor.

Email a letter of support now to

Mayor Allan Sanson:

February 15, 2021 / Uncategorized

Level 2 at Xtreme Zero Waste

Kia ora Whāingaroa, during Alert Level 2 we are remaining OPEN. However safety on site is very important for both you and our team, so we ask you to follow our signage, be kind, and respect any instruction or requests from our team.
⚠️ We will be collecting info for contact tracing with a clipboard at Kahu’s Nest and if you have the contact tracing app please scan in where you see our QR code signage.
⚠️ Please maintain 2 metre distancing while on site.
⚠️ Hand sanitiser will be available at shop entry, shop counter and the public recycling bay.
⚠️ If you are unwell or symptomatic please stay at home, please get tested (ring the medical centre before you go in) and we hope that you feel better soon.
Whilst at home, please wash and squash all recyclables REALLY well. This is our standard request all the time, to not spread contamination of anything, but particularly while there’s community transmission of Covid we need to be extra careful with things we have touched, or sipped from, that our Xtreme team will later touch in collection and processing.
Kerbside collections remain as per normal until further notice
~ Kia ora!

January 5, 2021 / Uncategorized

Glass Reuse over Recycling.

During December Visy Glass announced that they were swamped with glass and struggling to keep up with the increase in recycling. For 2 weeks they were not been able to accept clear glass and are struggling with quantities of green glass at the countries only glass furnaces in Penrose.

Xtreme will still pick up your glass from the kerbside over the summer. However we want everyone to think hard about our single usage of products and their packaging. We need to step it up from recycling. We need to go for reuse. Restrictions in recycling is not an uncommon story and we have seen the reduction of plastics and fibre (paper & cardboard) being able to be processed onshore in Aotearoa. Our old habit of flicking it offshore for someone else to deal with is no longer possible and we are left with having to deal with the issue, we created, ourselves.

Let’s support the businesses that are leading the way. We have a number of them here in Whaingaroa Raglan: Dreamview Creamery, PB23, Taunga Kereru, Raglan Chai, Hau Botanicals, and Workshop Brewing Co. All of these people take their glass packaging back, rewash and refill or just refill containers you provide. No need to be transported 160kms to be melted into another bottle or jar, transported to a factory to be refilled and then transported back to you.

The Herbal Dispensary and SWOP are two local businesses with bulk bins and jar libraries ready for easy refilling and reuse: Dry foods, vinegar and oil, pet food, cleaning detergent and shampoo, loose tea and natural medicines.

Support our local businesses, celebrate that they are part of a growing circular economy, buy local, refill local. Come on Raglan let’s step up and step out of recycling and into REUSE as much we can.

December 1, 2020 / Uncategorized

Recycling Plastics #1 #2 #5 ONLY

We have some big changes for our recycling services Whaingaroa…

It’s time the entire country leveled up. Aotearoa is standardizing recycling services right across the motu! Wow that’s big! This means we are joining the rest of our nation and from Tuesday 15th December WE WILL ONLY BE COLLECTING PLASTICS #1 #2 and #5 + clear film soft plastics.

Plastic containers have a recycling triangle indented on the base with a number inside it. This is the grade of the plastic. #1’s for example are clear and thin plastics most easy to recycle. #2’s are thicker plastic, different colours, a different sort of plastic. Grades go to #7 very hard to recycle plastic. Grab your containers, flip them over, look and feel for that triangle pressed into the plastic (NOT the triangle on the brand label) to find out if it can be recycled.

We’ve tried our best, but the reality is, there is no market to recycle containers #3 #4 #6 #7. So if you buy anything with these numbers, they have to be disposed of into pre-paid bags / landfill. All the more motivation for us to choose good packaging (or no packaging) when we’re buying things, right?

So in 2 weeks time, starting Tuesday 15th December our collections team will only be collecting plastics #1 #2 #5 + clear film soft plastics from recycling crates, rural seafreight containers, our onsite collection bay, and business collections.

!! Our collections of glass, metals, paper and card remain unchanged, so keep washing and squashing and putting these out please. !!

Glass needs to still be put out in a seperate crate to the mixed recycling.

Thanks Raglan for all that you do working with us towards Zero Waste.

November 24, 2020 / Recycling!

New bags made from old.

LOOK OUT for our community’s NEW pre-paid bags. Technically they’re not new because they’re made from our community’s plastic recycling!
We have been working with Convex Innovation in Hamilton and Astron Sustainability in Auckland to turn our collections of clear soft plastics + #2 milk bottles into our kerbside collection landfill bags. These green bags pictured will replace the 30L yellow bags from early December, and soon after we will replace the 60L blue bags too.
We have been stockpiling soft plastics, looking for local onshore solutions and we are so glad to find this solution. It’s been such an inspiration to work with Owen and the team at Convex Innovative Packaging to turn this resource into something to be used again. While its not reusable forever, we think its far better than making our pre-paid bags from virgin plastic and new natural resources.
We encourage everyone to join us and do what we can to Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse what we buy, so we can put less of these bags in landfill all together. Imagine going from 2 big blue bags down to 1, or down to the green smaller size, or putting a bag out once a fortnight instead of once a week. Is your whanau up for it?
Thanks Raglan for all that you do to work towards zero waste!

November 5, 2020 / Uncategorized

Update on our Food Waste Collection Service

Last year in June, our Waikato District Council opted out of supporting the food waste collection service to continue. We asked for your support and the community delivered.Thanks to everyone for their sharing and donations to our Givealittle campaign. We want to acknowledge the Whaingaroa community and significant donors for paying for this past year alongside us at Xtreme Zero Waste. Thank you,so truly awesome!

Fastforward to July 2020 and our Waikato District Council still didn’t want to enter into negotiations with us. XZW has been tightening things up so we could self fund this service, it’s just too important to lose, but it has been a challenge for us at around $10,000 per month going from other areas. Thanks to compost sales, and other XZW activities making sacrifices, we could keep food waste out of landfill and keep this important service going.

Through the amazing work of our Office Team, we have secured some support from Trust Waikato (Thank you!) to pay for the service from now until July 2021. Trust Waikato has provided this as an impact grant as they realise the significance of reducing waste and emissions and the model Raglan Community is providing.

On a national scale we were leading into this space of food waste collection and are proud to see so many regions and cities turning their attention to this important waste stream. If you work over the divvy or have whanau in Hamilton City you might have already seen their services. While many other councils and cities roll out food waste collection programmes, and we welcome visitors to come and learn about what we’ve been doing here, unfortunately Waikato District Council have once again cleared food waste conversations off the table. There will be a further opportunity through the District Waste Management and Minimisation Plan that is currently being reviewed. Review of the Plan will be a further opportunity for our community to have their say.

So for now we want to celebrate and thank you for your support over the past year, for the food waste campaign,and supporting all of Xtreme’s activities of reducing, reusing and recycling. As of July 2021 we have no more funding.

Xtreme can’t continue at this point to fund the food waste collection. We have done our best, and we are so grateful for the support. Thank you Raglan! If you want to raise this issue with Council please be aware that our Councillor, Lisa Thompson, has been very supportive and that the decision has been made further up the food chain.

Kia ora for your support Raglan ~ from all of us at Xtreme Zero Waste

October 13, 2020 / Uncategorized

Greenwaste Open Hours

Our Organics Yard and greenwaste drop off site will continue to be closed on Monday and Tuesdays (including Labour Weekend Monday).
So if you’re clearing out your garden, please make sure you get your greenwaste is brought up to us before 4:30pm Sundays. We will be open again from 12:30pm Wednesdays.

For those who have not been in  Raglan for a while the procedure for greenwaste drop off is –

. Drive up to the main site for load assessment by our yard staff

. Pay at Kaahu’s Nest

. Keep your till receipt as proof of payment and proceed up to Organics Yard to drop off

If you have to bring your greenwaste up on a Monday and Tuesday then unfortunately customers will be charged Landfill rates.

NB our whole site is closed for the Monday of Labour Weekend