2nd Crate Delivery in Raglan

June 28, 2016 / Uncategorized

2nd Crate Delivery in Raglan

2nd Crate Delivery

Raglan East residents  received their 2nd teal 55L recycling crate today (Tuesday 28th June 2016), Raglan West’s creates will be delivered on Thursday 30th June 2016.

This second create will allow residents to divert an even greater volume of recyclables including plastics labels from 1-7, soft plastics (bread bags, cling wrap, bubble wrap), tin cans, aluminium cans and separated paper and cardboard.  By recycling more, less money will be spent on pre-paid bags.

Please place all glass in once crate and all other recyclables in the other.

On collection day please:

  • Put all your crates and/or prepaid bags

-as close as you can to the kerbside

-away from signs, lamp posts and trees

-out by 8am on your usual collection day (Mondays and Tuesdays or one day later for public holidays)

  • Make sure your prepaid bag is less than 15kgs
  • Put all your glass bottles in one crate, all plastic containers (1-7), soft plastic (bread bags, cling wrap, bubble wrap), tin and aluminium cans in the other crate.
  • Secure paper and cardboard (in a bag or tied) and place beside your recycle creates if they cannot fit inside the crate.
  • Wrap any broken glass or sharp objects thoroughly before putting them into your prepaid bag.
  • Use only approved Raglan prepaid rubbish bags, (blue or yellow) available from local shops.

Please note: be careful when lifting these bins, the edges are slightly sharp, they will round down in time.

For the latest Raglan Community Radio Interview with Rick Thorpe please click here https://archive.org/details/RickXtremeNewRecycleBin160624