Landfill Charges are Increasing 1st July 2021

June 28, 2021 / Uncategorized

Landfill Charges are Increasing 1st July 2021

As of 1st July, Landfill levies and charges are increasing all over Aotearoa. This hole in the ground that acts as the “away” we throw things to, has been acknowledged by government as a critical part of global greenhouse emissions and the risk of extended pollution. Remember the Fox River Landfill, exposed in the South Island in 2019, polluting 100km of west coast coastline? And over on the east coast, Te Araroa landfill long forgotten then exposed by a storm in 2020?

Where does our landfill levy go? Half of the money goes back to councils to fund waste minimisation activities and services. The other half going to a contestable fund where community groups can apply for funding for futher waste minimisation projects.

Xtreme Zero Waste prices for landfill drop offs and bags are going up to $85pm3. We will continue to provide the opportunity for our community to divert up to 80% of their waste. It’s everyone’s choice to join us and separate loads, and continue working with us to REDUCE our purchases, REUSE items, REPAIR items where possible. Make sure RECYCLABLES get into recycling crates, leftovers are enjoyed and any unavoidable FOOD WASTE goes in the compost or our kerbside food waste collection. You can find a list of our charges here.