Collection Days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays . If your day used to be Tuesday or Wednesday you will now be Tuesday. If your day used to be Thursday, you will now be on Wednesday. If your day used to be Friday, you will now be on Thursday.

Rural collections of pre-paid bags (Mondays) will remain the same on public holidays. Recycling and prepaid rubbish bags should be placed on kerbside by 8.00 am.

Please use the official green recycling crate only for kerbside recycling. Max 2 crates per household. Write your address on your crate/s. Prepaid blue or yellow rubbish bags can be purchased from local retail outlets.

Please drop off household recycling and prepaid rubbish bags at the Raglan Resource Recovery Centre for free.

For more info on what you can put in your kerbside recycling bin, please view the Kerbside Recycling Guide