Composting and Food Waste

Xtreme Zero Waste Food Waste Collection Trial
From July 2012, 100 Raglan households have been part of a FREE food waste collection trial.
Although Raglan is achieving one of the best rates of recycling in New Zealand, the average household still throws away about 112kg of food waste each year.
Xtreme Zero Waste encourages composting and worm farms at home but to help Raglan recycle more, we introduced the trial.
With the caddy and bins provided and weekly collection on the same day as other recycling, food waste disposal is easy and hygienic.
Less food waste in our blue bags means less cost, less smell, less greenhouse gases and less acidic leachate from the landfill.
Xtreme Zero Waste will takes Raglan’s food waste and turns it into compost with the help of millions of willing worms.  Visit Xtreme Zero Waste at the Recycle Centre and check out our garden products. Compost / mulch, worm wees, worms, and super food through the summer.

How Does it Work In The Trial Area?
If you live in Nihinihi Ave, Taipari Ave, Uenuku Ave, or Pokohui Streets, then you can use the free food waste pick up service. Contact us on 825-6509 to find out more.

What if I don’t live in the trial area?
While we are working on expanding our collection area, we also want with you to promote home composting in Raglan. An ideal solution to food waste is home composting to processes your food and garden waste at home, and even use it in your home garden.  If you are interested in composting at home, ring us for information. Let’s work together towards zero waste!

Need More Information?

Check out the downloadable leaflets below.