Plastic Bag Free Raglan

Plastic Bag Free Raglan [PBFR]
Pēke Kirihou Kore Whaingaroa

Plastic Bag Free Raglan is an award winning community initiative led by Xtreme Zero Waste and guided by four community organisations – Whaingaroa Environment Centre (led the project 2016 – 18), Raglan Chamber of Commerce, Para Kore and Raglan Community Board.

In 2018 the project achieved around 95% reduction in plastic shopping bags from around 94% of our businesses and much of our community now Remember Reusable shopping bags.

The mission of Plastic Bag Free Raglan is to encourage our community to be Plastic Bag Free. The project was successful raising awareness and changing habits of residents, business owners and inspiring visitors in Whaingaroa.

With greater consciousness of our environmental impact and support for reusable shopping bags. We’re ready for a Plastic Free Raglan, starting with single use food takeaway disposables.

Plastic Bag Free Raglan would like to acknowledge support from – Raglan Chamber of Commerce, Raglan Community Board, Waikato District Council, Waikato Regional Council, Whaingaroa Environmental Centre, Xtreme Zero Waste and Meridian Energy.

You can email us at or follow the project’s evolution here