Adam Martin

Weekend Site Manager

“Active Environmentalism. A place I can play my part. Get to educate people as they come in for the tip phase.”

Aihe Waitere

Kerbside Runner

“Love working in, with and around the community. Seeing happy faces when we pull up for their recycling – The smiles on their dials.”

Alf Whitiora

Business Run/Rural Bin Driver

“The whole system. Promoting in the public and putting it out. Creating win wins for customers”

Bevan Maru

Kerbside Runner


Bexie Towle

Communications Specialist and Site Tours

“Huge amount of opportunity and enthusiasm as we journey towards zero waste as a team.”

Cain Brodie

Operations Manager

“Working with the team.”

Campbell Imlah

Wood Yard Manager

“Diverting resources from waste.”

Caroline Batey

Te Mata Rural Bin

“I LOVE recycling”

Hakopa Eyre

Kerbside Runner

“Making a difference in the community.”

Jacqui Forbes

Business Development Manager

“Creating jobs through turning waste into resource”

Jo Gibbs

Finance Manager

“Doin' it for the people - and my bit for the planet. ”

Jodi Collins

Shop Assistant

“Being part of the Xtreme Team and believing in something together. Representing amongst the community.”

Johnny Wilson

Kerbside Driver


Josh Eyre

Kerbside Runner

“Same as Tony.”

Kala Tapara

Shop Assistant

“It helps my family.”

Liz Stanway

Shop Assistant

“Community building and nurturing new ideas.”

Melissa McMahon

Site Tour Guide

“Being part of something I completely believe in.”

Mikey Johnson

Compactor Driver

“Home town employment.”

Morgan Forbes

Assistant Business Run / Rural Bin Driver


Niki Maniapoto

Office Administrator

“Working in the community. I used to be over the hill. My environmental recycling guru Rick. I’m his only fan.”

Paul Murray

Zero Waste Educator


Rick Thorpe

Relationship Manager

“The people.”

Robin Wood

Steel Yard Manager

“Getting paid.”

Tony Wereta Crate

Kerbside Runner

““I like keeping this town clean. If I’m on a green bin, and I see something on the ground, I pick it up!” ”

Viviers Hutchins

Assistant Operations Manager / Mini Skip Driver

“The staff”