Kerbside Foodwaste Collection Consultation

April 8, 2019 / Council and government / Foodwaste

Kerbside Foodwaste Collection Consultation

Raglans Kerbside Foodwaste collection is the first in the country and a service that other communities are trying to duplicate due to its fantastic success. This service has diverted 225 tons of foodwaste from going to landfill, in the 18 months it has been running. This amount of foodwaste decomposing in a landfill, would create and release 197 units of harmful climate-changing methane gas (1000 units equals a ton) into our atmosphere, or in simpler terms, the diversion is equal to removing 500 cars off the road.
The service was fully funded by WDC and MfE until July 2019. WDC are now asking urban ratepayers – (those who receive kerbside collections), if they value the service and want it to continue. The cost to the urban ratepayer would be $1.52 per week, ($79.29 per year).

All Raglan residents are encouraged to submit their vote, including renters, you can collect forms from WEC and WDC office, or submit online clicking on the link below.
With this service, Raglan became one of the first communities to divert all organic waste from landfill, this means as a community we are releasing less harmful climate-changing gasses. Raglan is leading the way in waste management, with a diversion rate that could go from 75% to nearly 90% should this service continue.
This is big picture stuff Raglan!! Be part of the change – have your say.