Foodwaste Crowdfunding – Lets Do This!!

Food waste in landfill emits harmful greenhouse gases, attracts vermin and other pests, and adds to the overall “bulk” of rubbish in landfill.

We need to act now to remove food waste from our landfill as a key part of preventing catastrophic climate change.

Raglan’s Xtreme Zero Waste has been leading the way in waste reduction innovation for almost 20 years, and its kerbside food waste collection service was the first in New Zealand.

Now, we need your help to continue this invaluable service. We need to raise $120,000 from the community, corporate sponsorship and government funding to keep the service going for another 12 months. It will benefit not only Raglan, but the rest of Aotearoa New Zealand and even the world as well, as we share our processes and learning with national and international agencies.

So how does it work?

  • Food waste is collected at the kerbside every week
  • and transported to Xtreme Zero Waste organics centre
  • Once there, it’s mixed with mulched green waste and put into
  • our Hot Compost Unit, which can compost more than a home unit, including biodegradable packaging
  • After 12 – 14 weeks, it’s ready to be bagged and distributed,
  • and fed back into soil to produce more food or plants

If you want to

  • help Xtreme Zero Waste stay at the forefront of food waste innovation
  • save money (by diverting food waste out of your blue rubbish bag)
  • take positive action against climate change

donate now to help us continue this invaluable service.

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Let’s do this!