Foodwaste Collection

Foodwaste decomposes in our landfills to create greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.  Councils are required by legislation to reduce both waste to landfill and greenhouse gasses.

It is estimated that 20% of waste to landfill in the Raglan community is foodwaste, and is the single largest component in pre-paid landfill bags once recycling is removed.

Xtreme Zero Waste (XZW) currently diverts all other compostable products such as wood, paper, cardboard and greenwaste.  By establishing the additional kerbside foodwaste collection service, XZW will be diverting all compostable products from landfill.  This will mean a huge reduction in greenhouse gasses such as Methane.

With this collection service, Raglan’s  urban residences will receive a kitchen caddy, kerbside bin, and a pack of compostable bags. All equipment is free of charge.  To save confusion the kerbside foodwaste collection days will be on the same day as kerbside recycling and pre-paid landfill bag collection.