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Xtreme Zero Waste Audits

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 What is a waste audit?

Waste audits help identify what’s in your waste! We can help you find out what can be reduced, reused, recycled or composted. Regular waste audits also provide a picture of the progress your organization is making towards reducing waste over time.


What are the benefits of waste audits?

–       Enhance your image, brand and reputation, be recognized as an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company

–       Substantial on-going financial savings

–       Increased employee satisfaction, morale and retention

–       Potential for product, service or market innovation

–       Potential for new sources of revenue or cash flow

–       Greater access to resources within your waste (e.g. food waste turned into compost through worm farming)

–       Ability to market your waste minimisation activities through your website, facebook, email lists and annual reports

–       Free marketing (green initiatives often bring about media interest)

–       Recognition and awards for progress from Xtreme Zero Waste through website, Facebook, Raglan Chronicle and on-site signage



What services does Xtreme Zero Waste provide?

Xtreme Zero Waste has been involved in hands-on, practical, waste minimisation initiatives for over 14 years and is well qualified to deliver consultancy on a wide range of zero waste topics. Our services include:


–       Waste audits

–       Set up of effective recycling systems

–       Procurement of appropriate recycling bins

–       Advice on service providers (waste and recycling collectors)

–       On-going advice and assistance with any problems or issues

–       On-going education for the cleaners and staff of your organisation

–       Procurement policy and purchasing advice to reduce waste

–       Advice and mentoring on closed loop solutions


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Examples of projects undertaken by Xtreme Waste

• Waste audits

Claudelands Event Centre

Te Awa, The Base

Hamilton City Council Municipal Building